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Cables Off Drum (your garage door closed)

Problem: Bottom corner of the door is riding up on one side (similar to broken cable when looking at bottom of door).

If the lift cable falls out of the groove it is supposed to ride in, it will throw your garage door out of alignment. This usually happens when a door is bumped during travel, or slammed on the ground. If you open the door when it has a cable off the drum, you could end up with a hung door, a much more expensive problem to fix. Do not run your door on the electric opener! This is a good reason why you should make sure that no garden tools, boxes, or anything else is placed somewhere that it could end up under your garage door. call garage door repair-Davis to help you out: (530) 231-7745

Broken or Frayed/Damaged Cable

Problem:One side of the door is riding up off the ground.

The cables on your door are attached to the bottom corners and are under extreme tension--they hold the full weight of your door. When one cable breaks, all of the strength of the springs is transferred to the intact cable, lifting one side of the door into the air. Do not try to open a door with a broken cable, the door could crash, which is dangerous, or can go sideways and destroy the track and the top of your door, making a repair much more expensive.

When a cable becomes frayed or becomes very twisty (indicates fraying on the inside of the cable), it stretches, throwing the door out of alignment and causing one side to ride up a little. call garage door repair - Davis for prompt repair: (530) 231-7745

We replace and install:

* cables

* drums

* rollers,

* hinges,

* brackets,

* bearings

* recheck your operator and check over the general operation of the door. a 16 point safety inspection of your door - included!